Do you hear it? When you're all alone, can you feel it? Does it envelop you in it's cold embrace as you sit awake at night? As you sleep and feel safe? Do you truly feel that you're alone? That's just what the silence wants you to think. It watches you, feeds on your dreams, and it's always listening. You can feel it sometimes; when the hair on the back of your neck stands on end, or a shiver runs down your spine. When you feel someone breathing down your neck, or speak aloud, only to remember that you're completely alone... Only... You're not alone. The silence is with you.

It's worse at night. The silence is accompanied by the darkness. The moon offers no comfort: it only serves to cast dancing shadows across the darkness, and spread the paranoia. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear a soft buzz. Straining to listen, the buzz will often grow, louder and louder, until it's unbearable. Most will try to ignore it, or blow it off as busy streets, or machines, like the fridge, running. That's good. For those who aren't ignorant, like myself, curiosity may follow. You may think it's a great idea. You may think you're safe. After all, monsters don't really exist, right? You might find yourself wanting to go outside. You may want to go searching for the sound. That's where you'd be wrong.

If you were listening, you know why... The silence... and the darkness... One must wonder... If monsters do exist... Why can't I hear them? They must be loud, right? Then, of course, the thought may occur to you... Why does the darkness, silent and vague as it may be, cause us such fear? If no such thought occurs to you, then I ask you this: Where do you think all the stories of monsters came from? Don't you know?

The answer is simple, for those who are open to accepting it.

There's something in the darkness...

It's silent...

And it's been watching you...

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