Hello guys and gals. Are you wishing that you could read a CreepyPasta about someone, something, and somewhere specific? Well, here, below this line, you may request for someone to write that pasta. For example, say you want a Pasta about an evil CIA organization that follows people who have been to a specific website. You simply make the request in the comments, and the top requested will be posted blow this line, for writers to use as inspiration. Please be sure to include all relevant details that you wish to be included.

How It Works:

Writers: You MUST use all details included in the post you use. Additionally, if you actually want your pasta submission seen, it must be tagged simple with RequestPasta in the Category box.

Requests: Each request must have details regarding End Date of request, Plot, theme, or idea to be used, and must carry the following at the end: Remember, when done, add the RequestPasta Category, or we won't be able to find it.

Each Pasta in each category can be found on it's very own Top 10 (Insert name) Pasta's Board.

After submissions end, Admins will read through each one, and decide the best, weeding out the worst. Then, it will be processed, and a Top 10 list will be made, where you may vote for your favorite.

Advisory: Please visit Inspiration Nation if you aren't sure about your Pasta. Talking ideas over with others is often a useful tool.

Wreck It Ralph Glitch Pasta

In honor of the amazing user, WreckitRalphFan001, we the Admins are requesting a CreepyPasta about gliches in old arcade games. Details are as follows: Must include old arcade games and glitches as a main plotline. This contest will end as of July 4th, 2016. Remember, when done, add the RequestPasta Category, or we won't be able to find it.

Evil Demon Pasta

This Contest will last from now till June 1st, 2016. Evil Demon Pasta's are common, and cliche, but don't mistake that for any excuses. This contest is for the sickest, most vile authors out there. We want Stephen King quality, not sesame street. The idea here is to take this theme, and flip it on it's head. do something unique, and insane. Something that HASN'T BEEN DONE BEFORE. Be creative, and do your best, and remember, above all, it MUST BE SCARY!!!! Remember, when done, add the RequestPasta Category, or we won't be able to find it.

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